Il mascarpone  

Fresh cheese made with excellent milk cream and cow's milk. Made with the traditional technique preserving all good fresh cream features. No preservatives are added. Perfect to eat during meals, ideal to make cakes and ice-cream. CONSUMER'S WARRANTIES Frequent microbiological tests are performed on products and raw materials used, based on a meticulous laboratory analysis plan. It is not recommended for people suffering from milk and/or lactose allergies or intolerance. Ingredients: pasteurized cream and milk, acidifier (citric acid). Temperature: 0 / +4 ° C Duration: 10 days REPORTED VALUES FOR 100 g PRODUCT Energy intake: KJ 1999 Kcal 485 Proteins: 4.64 g Fats: 51.00 g Sugars: 1.96 g (lactose)

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