Beef Carpaccio, dried apples and Caciotta with Cervia Salt

PREPARATION: For 4 people 25 minutes

COOKING :2 hours for the apples

200 g of Beef Carpaccio

200g of caciotta cut into thin slices

2 organic apples

100 g of water

100 g of caster sugar

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

small cherries in spirit


Wash the apple with the help of a veg cutter, cut them into slices of the thickness of 2 mm without removing the core.

Heat the water and dissolve the sugar. Immersing the apple slices in the syrup obtained and spread in a pan covered with baking paper.

Dry in oven at 130° C for two hours. Remove from the oven and let cool.

Derive from the beef tenderloin twenty low winds, beat them well and season with oil, salt and pepper.


On each plate, alternate a slice of Beef Carpaccio, a slice of dried apple, two slices of cheese and then repeat the operation till you get five layers, finishing with a slice of cheese and a Beef Carpaccio.

Decorate with liquor cherries and finish with a bit of extra virgin olive oil.