Scrambled eggs with Caciotta Nonna Elsa, Nuts and Truffle


6 eggs

100 g of walnut kernels 

120 g of Caciotta Nonna Elsa Mambelli

40 ofi Black Truffle

25 g of butter

Salt and white pepper


Beat the eggs in a bowl wit a pinch of salt and pepper.

Cut truffles into slices, chop the caciotta into little cubes and trite the walnut kernels.

- Pour the eggs in a pan with a bit of melted butter whisking; then add the caciotta, half of the truffles and walnuts.

- Remove from fire and keep on whisking to melt the cheese and make the mixture creamy and stringy.

- Serve the scramled eggs finishing with truffle slices and, to taste, add walnuts kernels and 2 thin slices of Caciotta Nonna Elsa.