Squids stuffed with raw ham and Ricotta di Romagna

PREPARATION: For 4 people 20 minutes

COOOKING: 7 - 8 minutes


8 clean squids calamari 50 g each

150 g Ricotta of Romagna

70 g of raw ham

1 garlic clove

10 g of thyme

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper


200 g of carrots

extra virgin olive oil


Fresh herbs

Chop coaarsely half the tentacles of the suids.

Keep the rest to cook with the stuffed suids.

Pour a tablespoon of oil on a pan and heat the garlic clove.

Add the chopped tentacles and cook for 5 minuti stirring.

Add salt and pepper, remove the garlic and let cool.

In a bowl, pour the ricotta, whip it with a little of olive oil, the cooked tentacles and the chopped ham. Season with thyme.

Stuff the squids with the mixture with the help, if necessary, of a pastry bag.

Close the squids extremities with a toothpick.

Store in the fridge till the use.

Cook the carrots in boiling salty water, cool in water and ice, blend them with a small amount of the cooking water and extra virgin olive oil as fort mayonnaise).Set with salt.

Brown well the stuffed squids together with the whole tentacles in a pan or on the grill, adding salt and pepper. Pour the carrot cream on the plates, superimpose the squids (first removing the toothpicks), add the tentacles and decorate with fresh herbs. Serve immediately.