The stuffing

g. 90 of whole milki ricotta di romagna

g. 90 of raviggiolo (we call it Ghiottino)

g. 30 pgrated parmesan cheese

1 egg

Mix these ingredients very slowly till you have a smooth mixture.
Store in the fridge.

The dough as it was made long ago

g. 90 of flour

n. 1 egg

Knead the dough by hands till it is elastic. Let it rest for 30 minutes inside a bag and then roll it with a rolling pin till you have a very thin dough.

To have the red cappelletti, add to the mixture a spoon of tomato paste, for the green ones some boiled spinach, chopping them very finely.

Cut the dough with a round pastry cutter in disks of 6 centimeters of diametre and put at the centre of each 2 teaspoon of mixture. Fold each disk in half, obtaing a half moon; then take the two extremities of it, bring them together and you will have a cappelletto.

Cook the cappelletti in capon broth as rwcquired by the traditon of Romagna.