- g. 500 of Squacquerone

- g. 500 whipping cream
- g. 125 granulated sugar
- 3 gelatin sheets 
- 5 yolks

- 3 entire eggs
-g. 100 cane sugar
- g. 120 00 flour
- g. 60 potatoe starch
- g. 4 baking powder
- g. 2 istant coffee

- g. 300 saba cooked grape must

- g. 500 fresh cherries

- g. 200 red wine
- g. 150 cane sugar.

- n. 1 Tahiti vanilla

Make syrup by cooking the cherries with cane sugar and an open vanilla stick
and red wine. Boil the wipping cream with sugar, pour it on the egg yolks, add
gelatin previously rehydratated with cold water, put in a thermomix
and blend. When warm, add the squacquerone to homogenise. Switch à la 
chinoise and let the mixture stand overnight in the fridge.
Meanwhile make the sponge cake with cane sugar, then add little by little sifted flour and yeast.
Put in a mould 20x35 and cook at 175 degrees for 20 minutes, mixed steam. When cooked, let it cool and cut into rectangles. The following day in planetary, mount with the whip, put the mixture in a pastry bag and form the sponge cake into cords, first soaking it in the wet saba. 
Present in a glass adding the wet cookie, creamy scquacquerone alternated with cherries, finish with a sprinkling of cocoa powder, chocolate and coffee crunchies ans cherries syrup.