Casatella with salt from Cervia  

The best fresh cow's milk and the precious white gold from Cervia join to create a real delicacy treasure: the Casatella Mambelli with sweet salt from Cervia. Fragrant, soft and velvety, a pleasure you just cannot resist. CONSUMER'S WARRANTIES Frequent microbiological tests are performed on Casatella and on the raw materials used, based on a meticulous laboratory analysis plan. It is not recommended for people suffering from milk and/or lactose allergies or intolerance. Ingredients: pasteurized cow's whole milk, milk enzymes, sea salt from Cervia (0.7%), natural rennet. Temperature: 0 / +4 ° C Duration: 12 days REPORTED VALUES FOR 100 g PRODUCT Energy intake: KJ 884 Kcal 213 Proteins: 12.22 g Fats: 18.17 g Sugars: 2.31 g (lactose)

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