Soft cheese obtained from whole pasteurized cow's milk with live probiotic cultures, salt and natural whey. It belongs to the cheese-making tradition of the Romagna and is characterized by its creaminess and spreadability. Its color is pearl white and its flavor is pleasantly sourish and delicate at the same time. Its soft shape gently settle on and adapt to the container where it is placed. CONSUMER'S WARRANTIES Frequent microbiological tests are performed on Squacquerone and on the raw materials used, based on a meticulous laboratory analysis plan. It is not recommended for people suffering from milk and/or lactose allergies or intolerance. Ingredients: pasteurized whole cow's milk, selected lactic ferments, salt and natural calf rennet. Temperature: 0 / +4 ° C Duration: 10 days REPORTED VALUES FOR 100 g PRODUCT Energy intake: KJ 867 Kcal 209 Proteins: 12.00 g Fats: 18.00 g Sugars: 2.00 g (lactose)

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