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Siamo presenti alla manifestazione TUTTOFOOD PAD. 4 STAND P 22 R 19. Verra presentata tutta la linea dei formaggi senza lattosio , ricotta senza lattosio, squacquerone senza lattosio, caciotta senza lattosio ed i formaggi con caglio vegetale , stracchino con caglio vegetale, caciotta con caglio vegetale.

CIBUS 2014

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Siamo presenti al Cibus 2014
Ice cream shop "The Elixir of ice cream" has pioneered a new ice cream flavour with D.o.p (Controlled designation of origin) Squacquerone of Romagna and caramelized figs. An innovative taste where quality is essential, together with the territory tradition.

Squacquerone of Romagna DOP g.100

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Si tratta dello Squacquerone di Romagna DOP g.100 . This new product is ideal for free service, for those who do not want to queue up at the market and at the same time its smal size reduce considerably its price.

Festa del riciclo

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Officina Sostenibile a Forlì
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