About us

The history of the Caseificio Mambelli cheese dairy is a three cheesemaker generations' story, the story of a family who devoted themselves with passion and skills to the cheese-making activity. 
Set up in 1972, known and appreciated for its Ricotta di Romagna (cheese made with milk, not with whey), the Caseificio immediately shows its "vocation for genuineness": use of natural ingredients only, milk from selected cattle, artisanal processing methods and care, no preservatives and additives. 
Today, more than thirty years later, the Caseificio Mambelli produces a wider range of high-quality cheese types (Squacquerone, Casatella di Romagna, Ghiottella and Ricotta di Romagna, Straccone, Ghiottino among fresh cheese types and the Caciotta di Nonna Elsa, which is a semi-soft cheese with a short aging period). Constant research and development brought the Caseificio to create a new sweet Ricotta-based product line called LOVERIE. 
The Caseificio Mambelli has always known how to always follow the same artisanal principles and vocation, while integrating them with modern technological solutions.

In the Caseificio Mambelli you can find the "future of once upon a time", a balance between tradition and innovation constantly carried on under the guidance of the third generation of family cheese-makers.

Visit to the Caseificio and you will find the true passion of those who work with love and commitment and as a result give the customers the opportunity to serve much more that just cheese...a Mambelli cheese.



The story of the Caseificio begins in the countryside of Bertinoro. Here Nonna Elsa used to make ricotta with her cows' milk.
In front of the fireplace, her skilled hands took a special ricotta cheese out of the copper pot, enriched with thermal water from the Fonti della Fratta hot springs: the Ricotta di Romagna Mambelli. The special taste of our Ricotta and the opportunity to have a bigger amount of milk enabled her to make ricotta cheese for other people too: Nonna Elsa used to take her precious product with a bicycle to the Cesena market. Later on Domenico, Elsa's son, took over and carried the "family treasure" to the market with his "Mondial" and the Ricotta by Mambelli became increasingly more popular. Domenico and Idiana, father and mother of Raffaella and Federica, inherited the secrets recipes for ricotta and began to sell it in other towns and cities nearby. And the Caseificio Mambelli was set up in 1972.

A story of work, passion and love for true values that find their expression in traditional cheese types: in 1995 two typical products of the Romagna region were being produced: Squacquerone and Casatella. 
Today, the Caseificio Mambelli produces different dairy products and cheese, but they are all as genuine as the very first ricotta made by Nonna Elsa. 


All of the cheese types produced by Mambelli are the result of a tight work team made up of people who keep traditional methods and constantly improves them thanks to modern dairy production techniques. The main goal of the company is to always meet the most demanding customers' requirements.
Each and every stage of the production is carried out and monitored through very careful steps and procedures that respect tradition and strict health and hygiene rules. This is the only way to make constantly natural, totally fresh and high-quality cheese. The use of advanced technologies contributes to the final result. 
Mambelli does not use preservatives or additives: a modern and expensive cold chain and very precise logistics are used in order to keep their products fresh and tasty during each and every step of the production and transport. This is the reason why genuineness is ensured for the sake of cheese quality.


Nature is the very first secret of Mambelli cheese. The milk used for production comes exclusively from selected cattle. For the production of Ricotta, together with healthy and tasty milk, the precious water from the Fonti della Fratta hot springs, 3 km from Bertinoro. 
This water has a high content of mineral salts, whose properties were already well known by the ancient Romans. The peculiarity of this water confers the ricotta Mambelli a special, rich and natural taste that is typical for this cheese. 
Each Mambelli cheese type contains the gifts of nature, passion for taste, fascination for tradition, in order to give the Customer the true and genuine freshness of our cheese. 


This product must be consumed in a very short time, this is fundamental to keep the whole quality of fresh cheese. Mambelli cheese aims at providing tastiness and natural freshness, this is why it has to be consumed best before the dates indicated on the package. 
Do not be surprised if their shelf-life is very short: this is the only time for you to taste our products when their flavor is at its best. It is good to know that taste and freshness on your table are not just advertising slogans, but a hymn to nature.